Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Stonington House Fire 973 Pequot Trail 03/17/16

At around 07:30hrs on 03/17/16, Old Mystic with aid from North Stonington, Wequetequock, Navy Sub-base and tankers from a strike team responded to 973 Pequot Trail for a building fire. Stonington PD arrived to find a dwelling 25% involved with 1 victim in cardiac arrest. Crews arrived, started fire suppression and CPR on the victim. As of this time the victim had ROSC and was breathing on their own. a number of civilians and family members were treated or transported from the scene. The cause is under investigation. Photo start 45 minutes into the fire
 A coupling leaks from a supply hose
 G-60 Incident Commander
 North Stonington firefighters work a handline
 Sub-base AC Post discusses tactics
 Opening up walls to locate hidden fire
 Crews working the A & B sides
 Crews opening more walls for hidden fire
 Old Mystic firemans carries a ground ladder
 Sub-base fireman work the eves in Tower-65

.Sub-base FF Wager working his last fire before he transfers to another base

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Plainfield, Ct - 55 Weston Rd - 12/13/15

December 13, 2015 - In the early morning hours, Plainfield Fire was alerted for a building fire at 55 Weston Rd.  Crews arrived to find a large stone home well involved in fire. A large tanker response was requested due to the size of the home and no close water sources. The fire took an hour to knock down and a day to completely extinguish.  The cause is undetermined.
                                               Plainfield ET-195 & Canterbury Tower-193
                                                   Canterbury Tower-193 awaiting water
                                                                  Plainfield Et-195
                                                 Tower-193 "beaching it" on the front lawn
                                              Flames reflect off the windshield of Tower-193
                                                             Tower-193 applying water

Westerly RI - Box 4112 Friendship St 12/07/15

December 7, 2015 - At 12:30hrs - Westerly FD with aid from Pawcatuck FD, & Westerly Rescue with coverage assignments from Dunns Corners and North Stonington FD responded to Box 4112 on Friendship St for a building fire. Crews arrived to find smoke from a commercial building and fire in the basement and 1st floor.  Crews stretched into the 1st floor and basement.  The fire was knocked down in about an hour.  Cause is under investigation by FMO.
                                                  Westerly Eng-4 Ladder-1 on the D side
                                             Westerly & Pawcatuck firefighters taking a break
                                                          Westerly Ladder-1 on fire side
                                                         Westerly Gamewell Box 4112
                                                         Chief Officer by Alarm box 4112
                                               Pawcatuck firefighter refueling a vent saw
                                                  Firefighters clean debris from fire room
Pawcatuck Tower T-45
Pawcatuck Eng T-43

New London -61 Summer St 10/03/15

Oct 3, 2015 - On this Saturday evening, New London Fire A-11,21,31,25,100,200 was dispatched to 61 Summer St for a building fire. Upon arrival crews found a fire in a 2.5 wood frame. good wind off the water was helping this fire gain head way.  Aid from The Submarine base FD N-67, Mohegan Tribe FD FAST, Waterford Fire Co's, & Groton Ambulance G-303 was utilitzed to bring this fire under control.
                                              A-35 crew heading to the roof to cut a vent hole.
A-35 crew on the roof as Mohegan Tribal firefighters assist in stretching a line to the rear.

Starting over in 2016

Dec 31, 2015 - It has been awhile since I posted any of the incidents I photographed.  Changes in life and in social medias made this difficult for me, but in 2016, as things seemed to settle down, I'm going to start posting again.   I will post new and old photos to try and catch up.  In the new year I hope to bring some great photos for your enjoyment.  Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Occum Head-On w/ Double entrapment 12/22/07

Dec 22, 2007 - Around 07:0ohrs, The Occum FD was dispatched to Taftville-Occum Rd for an auto acciden with injuries. Occum Chief McKeon arrived to find a two car head-on with double entrapment. Taftville R-2 was requested for their Hurst tool. Occum used their Holmotro Combi-tool on one car while Taftville used their Hurst tool and rams to extricate the occuoant of the other car. American transported 2 to WWBH. Norwich PD is investigating.

126 Oakridge St - Norwich - 12/21/07

Dec 21, 2007 - At 15:41hrs, The City of Norwich was dispatched to a structure fire at 126 Oakridge St. Units arrived to find fire on the 3rd flr. The fire was knocked down and the building vented. Norwich FMO is investigating.
East side of the scene
Truck-1 crew holding for orders
MTFD Fast standing by Truck-1

Monday, December 17, 2007

Occum Rollover 12/14/07

Dec 14, 2007 - On this slippery morning the Occum fire department was dispatched to a rollover on Scotland Rd. Occum SQ-4 and ET-42 arrived to find a jeep that had rolled onto it's side. No injuries were reported. Norwich PD is investigating.

Lisbon Barn Fire 12/13/07

Dec 13, 2007 - At 11:59hrs the Lisbon, Jewett City fire departments w/ the Taftville FAST responded to North Burnham Highway for a barn fire. Lisbon ET-254 arrived to find a well involved barn fire. A tanker task force was started bringing Canterbury, Griswold, Voluntown, and Plainfield. The building was total loss. The Lisbon FMO is investigating.
Fire emits from a wall
Lisbon & JC firefighters attack the fire
two lines in operation
Lisbon & JC firefighters use a blitz-fire to knock the fire down

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Preston Auto Fire 12/01/07

Dec 1, 2007 - At 06:28hrs Ledyard and Norwich 911 started receiving an influx of 911 calls reporting an auto accident with fire on Rt-2 in Preston just over the Norwich line. Preston Chief Casey arrived to find one auto fully involved in fire after hitting a guard wire post. The crew from P-11 with assistance from P-13,P-23, & P-27 extinguished the fire. No injuries were reported. Sorry about the quality, the sun was rising and it was difficult to get the right exposure.


P-11 crew makes initial attack

Poquotonock firefighters stretch the line

Awaiting water!

Got water now, advancing the line!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Eastford- 297 Old Colony Rd. 11/20/07

Nov 20, 2007 - Around 03:00hrs, Eastford with M/A from Bungay,Pomfret,Woodtsock, Ashford,Muddy Brook, Chaplin,Williamsville, & East Brklyn respondd to a house fire at 197 Old colony Rd. Units arrived to find heavy fire to the rear of an old farm house. The fire was initail knocked down by frist arriving uits but due to the contruction o fht e farm house the fire took off on all flrs. it took crews 3 hours to control this diffficult fire. No injuries were reported and the Eastford FMO is investigating. Photos by G Elliot via a cell phone
Heavy fire emits from rear of building
Same shot different angle.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Yantic 3rd Alarm - 305 Washington St

Nov 12, 2007 - At 09:45hrs, the Yantic fire engine co was dispatched to 305 washington St for a kitchen fire. Units arrived to find fire on the 2nd and 3rd flrs. Assistance from Taftville, City of Norwich, East Great Plains,Occum,Laurel Hill, & the Naval submarine base. Crews worked hard at an offensive interior attack but were forced out by fire conditions. Crews went to defensive attack resulting in a toal loss. 3 firefighters were treated and released for exhaustion. Yantic Eng-32 and Norwich Truck 1 setting up
Taftville Tower 25 on "B" side
Tower 25 battling heavy fire

Another shot of Tower 25
Norwich Truck 1 w/EGP Ladder 5, (RDL on Ladder 5)
"A" side of building


New video footage with helmet cam